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Fuzzy Melon


Fuzzy melon or mo gwa has a medium green skin covered with hairlike fuzz, it is fuzzy when young, as aging, and it loses its hairs and then develops a wax coating. Similar to tofu, fuzzy melon does not have its own flesh, but it can easily absorb the flavor of other food that cooked with, thus it is commonly used in stir-fries or soups in Chinese cuisine.


fuzzy melon

Other names:
Fuzzy squash, mo gwa, hairy melon.

You can find fuzzy melon in Asian markets and some specialty produce markets.

Purchasing tips:
When choosing fuzzy melon, select those fairly heavy for their size, avoid any wrinkled skins.

Store the unpeeled fuzzy melon in plastic bag and refrigerate for about one week or so.

Preparation and Usage:
Peel off the thin skin with a vegetable peeler, cut the flesh into cubes, ready to cook, fuzzy melon has a tendency to absorb the flavor of other food that cooked with, and it is used in a number of dishes, such as stir-fries and fuzzy melon soup.

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